Pink Fire Pointer Healthcare Reform Update #2 - 21March2010

Healthcare Reform Update #2 - 21March2010

History was made tonight as the U.S. House voted to pass the bill that the Senate passed on December 24, 2009. The vote was 219-212.

Immediately following this vote the president will address the nation from the East Room of The White House, where he is expected to sign the bill on the spot.

Next steps include:
  • The House will now move on to consideration of the reconciliation bill.
  • The first vote will be on whether or not to recommit (amend) the reconciliation bill. It is expected to fail.
  • If the motion to recommit fails, the second vote will be on passage of the reconciliation bill.
  • Assuming the reconciliation bill is approved, it will be sent to the Senate for consideration beginning Monday, March 22.