Pink Fire Pointer Heathcare Reform Update - 20March2010

Heathcare Reform Update - 20March2010

Here are the next steps for Healthcare Reform:
Sunday afternoon (this weekend)
  • It is anticipated that the House will vote on the Senate bill. 
  • Once this occurs, Obama will sign the Senate bill into law.
  • The House will then vote on the Reconciliation Act and send it to the Senate for debating and an eventual vote.
Week of March 22
  • The Senate will begin debating on the Reconciliation Act.
  • This debate could take up to two weeks or more.
  • If, and when, the Reconciliation Act gets passed by the Senate – unchanged – it will go to Obama to be signed into law.
  • Note that the Reconciliation Act would lie on top of the Senate bill creating one final law.

We are continuing to monitor healthcare reform news throughout the weekend and will post relevant updates as they occur.