Pink Fire Pointer Contact Lenses Complications

Contact Lenses Complications

Complications of contact lens wear may have different effects. These can vary from mild discomfort to a probable loss of vision. Therefore, you must be prepared to stop for a quick diagnosis and treatment of blindness. As millions of people are now sporting these ocular medical devices, can even a small percentage of complications represent a significant public health problem eye. Complications lenses have become quite common. It may be the eyelids, conjunctiva, and cornea be coatings.
One of the most common complications in people who wear soft contact lenses contacts (wear) is giant papillary conjunctivitis. This problem can be solved by the following:
1-Increase the regularity of the removal of the lens.
2-Reduce the length of the lenses.
3-Use of a solid solution cleaning.

Hard lenses from the cornea to be removed, and move in the upper fornix. The lens may be borne by the conjunctiva and in the soft tissues of the eyelid, if not detected. It can remain without symptoms rather obvious. The surrounding tissue may upset the device and manufacture of a swollen abscess. The foreign body may cause the formation of granulation tissue around the lens and attach it to wounds

The drooping eyelid can be caused by the lens, and the scar tissue in the rubbery eyelid. The contact lens roots can lead to scarring and tissue tightening cover produce to resign. Hanging, individuals who contacts without swelling or displacement of the lens was observed. For holders of hard contact lenses, can falling upper or lower eyelid develop due participate stretching the cap when removing the lens.

Complications associated with the use of contact lenses can also narrow lens diseases, corneal ulcers, corneal swelling and redness of the eye. These complications can by eye care health and changing lenses, be avoided whenever possible. Dampening or cleaning should be tested for allergic reactions, which may cause damage to the eye.

Is an effective treatment for these diseases is dependent on the specific condition. The eye doctor may ask you to stop wearing these devices to eyes during the treatment is underway. For abrasions, you can antibiotic eye drops prescribed to treat infections of the cornea. You will be asked to stop wearing contact lenses Air Optix Aqua, until the wound is completely healed. The lenses can be retrofitted if redness or inflammation caused by contact lenses poor fixation.

Your eye doctor can prescribe correct lenses and evaluate the composition of your eyes and vision. You can also medical conditions that can affect your choice of lens. They are made with a prescription from an ophthalmologist or optometrist available. This allows you to buy contact lenses needed. There are contacts for dry eyes, to reduce the risk of dry eye symptoms. The expert eye care needs all solutions for cleaning and disinfection check, because there are different products can only be harmful to the eyes. Contact lenses have the same purpose as regular glasses. They were also designed to fix defects such as blurred vision, myopia and hyperopia.

Problems can be avoided if you wear contact lenses. Common problems include difficulty removing the lens of the eye infections and vision loss. It is necessary to read the instructions carefully and make sure the contacts fit right in your eye. The practice of mindfulness and maintenance are also important. The ophthalmologist should provide patients with adequate information about what to do in case of problems.