Pink Fire Pointer Taking Care of Your Child's Ears

Taking Care of Your Child's Ears

Ears and its associated canals are one of the most sensitive parts of the body, and when it comes to the ears of children and infants, extra care and protection is required. Ear care - this part of hygiene is one of the most overlooked aspects. Ears are essential not only for hearing but also balancing the other sensory functions in the body. The sense of hearing enables the child to safely interact and be in the immediate environment, as well as complements the other sense objects of sight and smell. Even though, ear care is not a very time taking process, most people fail to pay proper attention to it to keep it healthy.

Care for Infant's Ears

Never ever use a cotton swab to clean an infant's ears. Instead of cleaning them, the swabs push the ear wax deeper which might cause the eardrums to be injured, which are much more sensitive for an infant. Any type of ear infections, bacterial or fungal, should also be brought to the notice of the paediatrician. Some of the causes of ear infections are reclining bottle feeding and smoke. As much as possible, try to keep your infant away from any smoke and avoid bottle feeding while the child is inclined.
Regular Tips for Ear Care

Taking good care of your child's ear and keeping it healthy is a very important aspect of overall health care. Here are some tips for regular ear care for children:

    Everyday Regular Cleaning: Earwax, which is considered an unhygienic by-product of the body, actually helps in protecting the eardrum by catching any debris and dust and not allowing it to reach the sensitive eardrums. This body secretion helps to protect the ear canal, keep it clean and acts as a lubricant preventing any dryness in the ears. However, to clean any excess earwax, use a soft damp cloth to gently wipe away any visible wax but do not try to clean deep with a swab, as it might do more harm than good, ultimately leading to hearing loss.

    Ear Piercings: In case you have had your child's ears pierced, ensure that they heal completely before removing the earrings. While the piercings are healing, soak a small ball of cotton in rubbing alcohol and use it to thoroughly clean the area of the piercing. This will prevent any infections and complications.

    Swimming: In order to avoid any infections from the water in the pool, ensure to dry your child's ear properly after swimming and administer a few drops of rubbing alcohol to get rid of any moisture residue. If these precautions are not observed, it can lead to

    infections like Swimmer's Ear which can turn very painful for the child.

Weather Changes: During summers, ensure to apply sunscreen lotions to your child's ears along with the body. This will help in avoiding any sunburn. In places with extreme winter weather, keep your child's ears warm by covering it with a warm hat or scarves.

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