Pink Fire Pointer Apple Care does not cover smoking damages

Apple Care does not cover smoking damages

By Jameel Murray

Recently an Apple Mac user was denied Apple care insurance due to a smoking condition. Apple Care, which costs over $200, is a warranty that guarantees the repair of an apple device if it malfunctions. One Mac customer was denied insurance service because the device was contaminated with cigarette smoke. Although the warranty does not state that the product cannot be repaired if it contains cigarette smoke, the warranty does state that the company would offer repairs if the product is not considered a biohazard. According to the company, cigarette smoke is considered a hazardous substance that can endanger workers. Apple has stated that it they would not have any employee repair a product that poses as a risk to their health. The moral of this story is to shop around and read into the fine prints of all warranties and insurance policies. Consumers must analyze and research all insurance policies or they may end up on the shorter end of the stick.

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