Pink Fire Pointer Insurance Advice

Insurance Advice

By Shawn Chandok

The following list includes advice on insurance for anyone interested in saving money and taking precautions.
1. Invest in Health Insurance: Although President Obama is working on health care reform, do not rely on that happening anytime soon. If possible, get under your parents health care plan and invest in yourself because if things go for the worst, all your hard work on education can be lost forever in hospital bills.
2. Life insurance: Assuming you are a newly married couple with young children, invest heavily in life insurance. The rule of thumb implies you should have at least 5 years of salary to cover your life insurance policy, 10 years if you have children because there is nothing sadder to see a single parent trying to raise a child. On the other hand, if you are single with no relatives you probably do not need life insurance.
3. Consider car insurance when buying a car: Typically, the more expensive the car the higher the insurance. Take this into account when buying a car, and thing about maybe buying a pre owned vehicle. Furthermore be careful when picking the color of the car too, because it is rumored bright colors such as red have a higher insurance cost since they are more likely to be pulled over.
4. Don’t be frugal: Don’t buy the cheapest auto insurance because you don’t think you will get into an accident. Use comparative shopping, and see how much coverage you need.
5. Write a Will: No matter how many times people say this; there are always some whom do not listen. The consequences of not writing a will ALWAYS negatively affect your loved ones.


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