Pink Fire Pointer Why it is necessary to have car insurance

Why it is necessary to have car insurance

Posted by Lindsey Connell

Car insurance is extremely important to have whether you are a good or bad driver. Although car accidents usually are very infrequent, most people will make a claim at least once in their lifetime. If you are pulled over without having car insurance, you will lose your license but there are other reasons to have insurance besides the legality factor. If you are in a car accident and are at fault, if you don’t have insurance you cannot cover the other victim’s recovery expenses. In the reverse, if you are the victim and are hit by an uninsured driver while you are uninsured yourself, than you will have to pay for your health care out of pocket, which is extremely expensive. Also, driving without car insurance could leave you personally liable for significant third party claims in the event of an accident. Although car insurance isn’t something that is necessarily used every day, it is better to be safe than sorry. With this type of insurance, paying insurance expenses over the years is usually less expensive than getting in a bad accident and not being insured. As health care expenses continue to increase, it makes it nearly impossible for those without insurance to receive the treatment they need after being involved in a car accident. Therefore, it is extremely important and beneficial to invest in auto insurance.

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