Pink Fire Pointer New Health Care Insurance Attempts

New Health Care Insurance Attempts

By, Meredith Anderson

For many Americans the idea of health insurance is too far about of their reach to even think of. With the growing demand for modern medicine medical coverage has been increasing to drastic extremes. Without benefits from jobs even more people would not have health insurance due to the increase in price tag in private health insurance.

Much debate over the years has risen due to the fact that since 1998 the average cost of health insurance has nearly doubled! President Brarack Obama has said that the Democratic's plan would in fact reduce the growth of health care costs. Much controversy of whether or not this is accurate has been quite heated lately. A recent report obtained by the Republicans proved there suspicion that the bill will in fact cause health costs to rise as well as take away significantly from Medicare. The new bill would in fact allow for almost 93% of Americans to have health insurance. The bill would also allow for an increase in long-term care. This all sounds perfect however does not come without and hefty price tag. Because of the extreme new demand prices will go through the roof for people that can actually afford insurance in the first place. In order for this to successfully work the government cannot pull all the wait by themselves.


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